Sniper Elite 4 '101' trailer explains how you'll leverage game environments to devastating effect

With Karl Fairburne back in the hotseat, Sniper Elite 4 is gearing up for its February 14 launch with its latest '101' trailer. Broken down into five dedicated sections—Campaign, Combat, Enemies, Weapons, and Multiplayer—each vignette explains what's required to succeed in Rebellion's latest sharpshooting series entry. 

While hearing the narrator explore the game's setting, size and backstory below is interesting, the logistics of combat itself is what I reckon I'll spend most time tinkering with. The idea of landing the perfect shot hundreds of metres away while factoring gravity, wind, velocity and inertia sounds perfect to me—as does timing non-silenced shots against noisy environments. This is covered in the Combat section of the following six minute-long trailer. Here it is in full:

As you'll see there, besides a host of era-authentic weaponry, Sniper Elite 4 features loads of enemies and vehicles, and its sprawling 1943 Italy setting offers hundreds of sniper nests for pinpoint assassinations. 

"Challenging online co-op and multiplayer modes are set across six gorgeous custom-designed maps," says Rebellion of the game's multiplayer component. "Take on dedicated co-op modes for up to four players and prove your mettle across seven competitive modes for up to 12 players."  

Sniper Elite 4 is due February 14.