Smite introduces headless deity Xing Tian


Xing Tian is a deity from Chinese mythology who gets his head chopped off but carries on fighting anyway. Now, you can play as him in Smite, which imagines him with a helmet that presumably has no head in it, with glowing eyes and mouth positioned instead in his muscular chest.

As you'd imagine for someone with no head, Xing Tian is pretty angry. His abilities have names like "Smouldering Rage" and "Furious Roar". His chosen weapon is an axe, which he can use to knock enemies into the air and then slam them down again or spin around in a "Whirlwind of Rage and Steel".

For a full list of what Xing Tian can do, check the Smite website. There are also a few other updates on there, like new skins and voice packs, and some bug fixes.

Reckon we'll see Xing Tian in the Smite World Championship next year?