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Slave of God: a night in a different kind of church

As an old curmudgeon, I hate clubs. They're horrible places, full of inflated prices, physical exertion and Carly Rae Jepsen (or whatever you kids are listening to). Luckily, Slave of God , the new game from Increpare (Stephen Lavelle to human ears), lets you experience a night at the club from the comfort of your own PC.

I say comfort, Slave of God is a disorientating game of harsh strobing lights and unsettling music. In this way, it is a completely accurate representation of a night on the dance floor. It also manages to capture what's special about a room full of drunken, sweaty music-lovers. There's an emotional high to the sense bombardment. There's also a section where you piss pixelated yellow cubes haphazardly around a toilet. It's quite the thing.

This is a bit of a departure from Increpare's recent experiments with puzzle games - including the commercially released English Country Tune . Slave of God is still a mind-bending experience, but it won't make you (okay, me ) feel mentally inadequate in the process.

You can get the free download here .

Phil Savage
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