Skyrim total conversion mod Enderal announces DLC

Enderal is easily one of the best total conversion mods I have ever played. Reinterpreting the fifth Elder Scrolls series entry with new characters and quests within a world similar in scope with overhauled systems is no easy feat—something made all the more impressive given SureAI is a hobbyist studio and did so without being paid. Forgotten Stories is the mod's first slice of DLC that's set to extend play by ten to 20 hours and is due at some stage next year. 

Headed by SureAI's lead writer Nicolas Lietzau, Forgotten Stories will pull from parts of the main story's narrative that were cut prior to Enderal's release. This covers two guild questlines by way of the Golden Sickle—"Enderal's most influential merchants’ guild"—and the Rhalâta,  a mysterious cult who rule the Undercity. A story mission delves into the Sea Of Eventualities and Yuslan Sha'Rim's past, while a secret ending offers a never before seen conclusion to the main quest. Players can also expect new bounty missions and new weapons and sets along the way. 

Here's a preview:

Lietzau explains on the Enderal site that while he's working on Forgotten Stories full time, he's doing so off his own back. While the project can't be supported directly, he does offer means to help cover his "basic expenses"—head to the DLC's announcement post to find out how, should you desire. 

Forgotten Stories is due at some point in 2017. Here's Jody Macgregor's review of Enderal's base game, and head this way to discover how it was made.