Add whales and other sea creatures to Skyrim with the Sea of Spirits mod

This week on the Mod Roundup, you can fill the waters of Skyrim with sea creatures like whales and sharks, and fill the streets of GTA 5 with hundreds of pet dogs, cats, and... boars? Also, a Fallout 4 mod will get your settlers to come out into the wild to take all the junk you've been collecting back to home base for you.

Here are the most promising mods we've seen this week.

Sea of Spirits, for Skyrim

Nexus Mods link

Time to fill the seas of Skyrim with lots of aquatic life. This mod adds whales, sharks, narwhals, the powerful aquatic Dreugh, and other creatures to Skyrim's  waters. It'll make swimming a bit more of an adventure, plus, as the image at the top shows, you can rudely stand on a whale's head. It's every Dragonborn's dream made real.

Salvage Beacons, for Fallout 4

Nexus Mods link

Tired of humping the piles of junk you find in the world all the way back to your settlements? This mod gets your settlers off their butts to lend a hand. Build a communication station in your settlement, and craft salvage beacons at your chemistry station. When you're out exploring and your pockets get full, fill a container with your junk, drop a beacon on it, and your settlers will come and collect everything for you, then place it in your workbench, saving you the trip.

Pet Lovers, for GTA 5

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There are plenty of citizens walking around Los Santos in GTA 5, but where are all their pets? This mod adds obedient companions to the world, and it doesn't just stop at dogs and cats. You'll see people walking around with boars following them, and deer, and mountain lions, chickens and hens, pigs, rabbits, chimps, and even sharks (if you happen to be at the beach). What's more, if you attack someone's pet, it will anger all of the pets, and you'll be mobbed by angry animals.

Is it a little silly? Yeah. But for GTA 5, it feels just about right.

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