Skyrim patch beta fixes crashes, improves optimisation

Skyrim is a much more stable game now than it was on launch. You'll still find the odd horse wedged halfway into a rock, but bar the occasional physics freak out, it all sort of works. That's the result of constant patches since launch, the latest one of which is live now in beta form through Steam. It's a straightforward update that delivers some "general memory and stability optimizations" and fixes some crashes, bringing Skyrim closer to perfect working order.

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Now for the patch notes. They're brief, so let's take an extra moment or two to remember the Skyrim that was, back when it was full of flying bears, and giants that could punt you into the stratosphere.

Update 1.7

Accessible through the beta participation section of the account tab of your Steam settings.


  • General memory and stability optimizations

  • Fixed crash related to new water shaders

  • Fixed rare crash related to dragon landings

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