Skyrim Creation Kit released, Skyrim goes mad

The Skyrim Creation kit is live! The Steam Workshop is already filling up with dozens and dozens of mods, some of which are quite mad. Not enough goats? Download the goat summoning mod. More dog eyebrows? Mod some in. Giants not big enough? Download the bigger giants mod. Skyrim is going nuts. In a very good way.

If you'd rather help stock the Steam Workshop with new mods, you can download the creation kit now from the Tools section of your Steam library. Check out Bethesda's series of Creation Kit tutorial mods on the Skyrim YouTube channel for a guide to getting started. and take a look at Bethesda's list of best practices for new modders .

Bethesda level designer Joel Burgess has written a blog post that explains how to upload new mods to the Steam Workshop, and how to install mods you like the look of.

"Bethesda is committed to supporting Skyrim for years to come," writes Burgess. "This includes supporting our already-thriving mod community. It's our hope that Workshop provides the perfect meeting place for mod-makers and players — even those who have never tried a mod before."

It's an exciting time for Skyrim fans. If you haven't picked it up yet, it's on sale on Steam to celebrate the release of the mod tools. Which mod will you install first? What mods would you like to see made? What do you think of the Creation Kit?

Tom Senior

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