Sky-city sim Airborne Kingdom has a release date

(Image credit: The Wandering Band)

Airborne Kingdom is a kind of BioShock Infinite simulator, where you're in control of a flying city that will have to win over ground-dwelling citizens as well as gathering resources to expand as it floats from place to place. Indie development studio The Wandering Band has announced that it will be out on December 17, exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

Samuel Horti played a demo of Airborne Kingdom last year, and said, "The aerial theme is more than just a gimmick. Every house, plane hangar, farm, and propeller has weight, and if you put too many buildings on one side of your city it can tip over. If it's leaning then you'll fly slower, and buildings will degrade faster. Just glancing at your city will tell you if it's balanced, and I like how your whole airship wobbles and settles as you plop down new houses."

That tilt-shifted toybox diorama look is quite attractive, and as someone who commands the settler to plonk down somewhere in Civilization, then regrets it for the next 100 turns, the idea of being able to move my cloud city around is pretty appealing.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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