Skulls of the Shogun coming to Steam, dev calls Windows 8 exclusivity "a deal with the devil"

Hoorah! Skulls of the Shogun , the turn-based strategy saga of undead samurais, is finally coming to Steam. "But what about that Windows 8 exclusivity thing?" you may ask. Yeah, about that... 17-BIT's exclusivity agreement with Microsoft has panned out unspectacularly, and now the developer is glad to be breaking away from Windows 8.

“To be fair, we knew we were kind of making a deal with the devil,” says Borut Pfeifer, speaking to Rock Paper Shotgun . Few gamers adopted the new operating system, landing the development team with all sorts of strife—as well as an empty bank account. “I personally would like to go back in time and kick myself in the balls. I'd just like to have that year and a half of my life back.”

We rated Skulls of the Shogun highly even despite the whole Windows 8 thing, so we're glad it's finally dropping the exclusivity and making itself available for the rest of us gamers. It launches officially on Steam this July, though you can pre-order through the official site as well for instant beta access , with both options currently carrying a 20% discount.