Skulls of the Shogun is out this month (yaaay) on Windows 8 (nyooooo)

17 Bit's turn based tactical game of undead samurai war, Skulls of the Shogun, is coming out on January 30, but only on Windows 8, Xbox Live Arcade, Windows Phone and Surface. Marsh has played it and he says it's ace , which makes it all the sadder to think of it trapped in the purgatorial wastes of the Windows 8 store while strategy gamers stuck on earlier operating systems miss out.

Anyway, enough griping. If you DO have Windows 8, and you like the idea of Advance Wars with analogue movement, undead warriors and lots of skull-hoarding then you should check out the Skulls of the Shogun site for more details, and catch a blast of SotS' affable charm in the latest trailer below. Skulls of the Shogun will cost $15 on Windows 8 and Surface, and $7 on Windows Phone, and supports cross-platform battles.

Thanks, Eurogamer .

There's also a bit of in-game footage in the midst of this PAX trailer from last year.

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