Skateboarding game Session gets a free PC demo

The PC needs a new skateboarding game, said Mat Paget earlier this year, as he explored why our platform of choice is best suited to the genre. Within, Mat highlighted Project Session—a Skate-like, open world skateboarding game that uses real world physics and is powered by Unreal Engine 4.   

Developer Crea-ture Studios is prepping a crowdfunding campaign, due to launch November 21, however it has a PC demo right now. Here's a look at its Kickstarter Teaser trailer:

As reported by VG24/7, the developer's Marc-andré Houde spoke to The Berrics last year about Session's development. Here's what he said about the possibility of adding a story mode: 

"There’s no real story, but this is still something that we are super open to. A lot of players are asking. They would like to maybe live the life of an amateur skater going Pro, so this is a really interesting part. How we envision Session and the way the game is designed, this is definitely something that we can add on later.

"I really like the Berrics concept: One hub to bring everything together, skaters and brands. It’s like that for Session, you have the core, you have the spots, you have the controls, but over this you have some virtual designs and you have some challenges. You have your friends, your crew. You can go shop. So a story can just be another layer on top of all these possibilities. The player is fully customizable so you’ll can make your own character and customize it as much as you want." 

Interested? A Session demo can be downloaded via the game's official site