Skate across a burning city for love in Fire Tonight

Fire Tonight: Maya stands at a road intersction where the streetlight is on fire. A dialogue box says 'Geez, that looks dangerous.'
(Image credit: Reptoid Games)

It is the year 1990, before mobile phones or internet, and when a fire brings down the phone line between Maya and Devin, there's only one solution: rollerskates. Also the less retro transportation methods of 'car' and 'train', but either way, Maya sets out across the burning city to be with her person. It is also now, that Fire Tonight, the narrative puzzler about reuniting this couple, is out.

While Maya puzzles her way across the city, Devin gets to look at the keepsakes of their relationship—the trailer already shows us a walkman, and I hope there are mixtapes. It's the only thing I ever want from '90s-inspired media. 

Publisher Way Down Deep specialises in non-violent games, so Fire Tonight is now part of portfolio of games that also includes Date Night Bowling. Bowling certainly sounds like a nicer idea for the star-crossed couple, for another evening, when the city is less on fire. That, or a roller rink.

Fire Tonight is available on Steam for $5.99/£4.49, with an additional launch discount of 20% until the 19th of August.