Six more Google Stadia staff members have left the company

Google Stadia
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A further six staff members from the Google Stadia team have left the company, all transferring to the same studio.

Among them are former Stadia Games and Entertainment general manager Sebastien Peul and Corey May, former head of creative services and publishing. Jonathan Dankoff, Pierre-Marc Bérubé, Erwann Le Rouzic and Francis Denoncourt have all also departed Stadia within the last month, as a ResetEra post points out.

All six members have taken on new roles at Haven Studios. It was founded by former Stadia boss and Assassin's Creed co-creator Jade Raymond earlier this year, with Puel listed as a co-founder on his LinkedIn page. Raymond left Stadia Games following the closure of its internal development studio. Haven Studios hasn't announced any games yet, but it's already received investment from Sony to help develop its debut game.

The wave of departures follows from the very recent news that Stadia vice-president and product head John Justice had left Google after two years with the company.

Correction: The former employees were under the Stadia Games and Entertainment team, not Stadia overall. The article has been updated for better accuracy and clarification.

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