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Sir, You Are Being Hunted developer releases free procedural racing game Permutation Racer

It's entirely possible that you haven't spent enough of your day racing around procedurally generated, abstractly beautiful landscapes. Fortunately, you can boost towards your recommended daily allowance with Permutation Racer . The free time-trial race game was created by Big Robot's Tom Betts, and is now available to download from the Sir, You Are Being Hunted studio's blog.

As you avoid the cliffs, walls and pillars of your surroundings, you'll need to collect stars to power up your charge bar. Once filled, you can speed your way through the level, attempting to grab more stars to prolong your boost duration. Danger comes in the form of pink glitch-bombs, and from the constantly decreasing timer. Make it to a checkpoint, and you'll be given some more time. Of course, the next section will inevitably be filled with even more hazards.

It's an enjoyable little creation. On the one hand, there's plenty to admire in the landscapes created by the procedural generator. On the other, there's a simple pleasure in flying and jumping about the place.

As a score-based time-trial game, I'll kick things off with my current high-score of 2096. Pop your own personal bests in the comments. If they're working.

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