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SimCity trailer shows Digital Deluxe contents, authentically British rain

EA have released a trailer for the Digital Deluxe edition of SimCity. The download-only version of the game will come bundled with three city sets, adding in British, French and German flavours of housing and transport. Er - that's flavours as in "styles". I haven't been tasting them.

The trailer's description runs through what's included in the packs:

"Place world renowned landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate or Big Ben to help your tourism business in your city. Receive challenging missions, complete unique achievements and earn big bucks as waves of Sims visit the landmarks. Watch as the businesses, homes and vehicles around your landmarks start to take on the flavor, style, and architecture of those countries."

Which all sounds rather nice. I'm all for a bit of cultural variation when it comes to city management. Problem is, the Deluxe edition comes with a significant price hike. It's £65/$80 compared to £45/$60 for Origin's regular edition (itself a fair bit higher than most retailers are selling the game for). That seems like a big increase for what's being offered.

Phil has been PC gaming since the '90s, when RPGs had dice rolls and open world adventures were weird and French. Now he's the deputy editor of PC Gamer; commissioning features, filling magazine pages, and knowing where the apostrophe goes in '90s. He plays Scout in TF2, and isn't even ashamed.