SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow trailer shows new megatowers

" the world of tomorrow!" is not how SimCity lead designer Stone Librande begins this narrated look at the game's sci-fi expansion Cities of Tomorrow, and I think we can all agree that's a bit of a shame. At least the new content itself looks pretty damned nifty, evoking the shiny utopias of Minority Report or Mirror's Edge, which are both lovely places if you stick your fingers in your ears and obey the rules. The video also shows off a neon-tinged industrial city, surrogate -like drones and much more.

My favourite part? Megatowers! Which is a word that pretty much demands exclamation. You can customise these hoi polloi skyscrapers as you see fit, turning the luxury accomodation into a place (or places) residents will never want to leave. Drones, meanwhile, are robots your citizens can send out in their stead, while they put their feet up back at home.

Cities of Tomorrow launches November 12th. Maxis are also "exploring the possibility" of an offline mode. (Ta, Eurogamer .)

Tom Sykes

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