Sign up to the PC Gamer Club Legendary tier before January and net yourself Axiom Soccer

You’ve got until January to get this month’s PC Gamer Club (opens in new tab) Legendary game key, Axiom Soccer. It might look a lot like Rocket League, but it’s also a third-person shooter, letting you shoot the ball instead of smacking it. Anyone signed up to the Club's Legendary tier will get a key until January. The game is currently in closed beta—you can play it online—but this key will turn into the finished version when it launches. 

We'll have an interview with the developer soon to delve into the game's creation, but in the meantime, it's well worth checking out. Learning how different ammo types affect the ball is really important, and it means your Rocket League skills won't actually get you that far in this game. 

"The ammo types are generally what you’d expect as a shooter player," says creative director Chris Stamp. "A regular shot (which has a charge-up mechanism in Axiom Soccer) a machine gun, shotgun and grenade. There is also one unusual weapon, the deactivator, that stops the ball dead, simulating trapping the ball in soccer to line up your next shot." There's a lot to master, here.

This key comes courtesy of our partners at Fanatical (opens in new tab), a retailer of game keys and bundles that's currently in the midst of its Winter sale. Speaking of which, check out 13 Fanatical Winter Sale deals that beat the Stream sale prices (opens in new tab).

The developers are really keen to hear the feedback from Club members—you can join their Discord (opens in new tab) channel here. Read more about the game on its Steam page (opens in new tab). If you love Rocket League, though—and surely everyone does—it's well worth checking out. 

You can join the Club at the Legendary tier here (opens in new tab). When signed up, you'll get a Fanatical key in your inbox, which you can redeem for a Steam key.

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