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Darktide soldiers
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Darktide peaked at 108,395 concurrent players today, and that's just on Steam—there's no telling how many more are roaming the bowels of Tertium as we speak, smashing and lasgunning through the hordes. This co-op action game has leaned a bit more into Warhammer 40,000's RPG roots than its predecessor Vermintide did, allowing you to create a custom character and choose from a range of backstory elements that led you to life in the meat grinder. 

It's not the deepest character creator I've ever seen—I wish Darktide had given me some sliders for more granular facial feature tweaks—but I've yet to see another Ogryn who looks much like mine, which is a good sign. I want to see everyone's create-a-characters, so I'll start by sharing Choo-Choo.

He's a good boy.

Wes: Choo-Choo, Ogryn

I imagined Choo-Choo as a big lovable oaf, a hard worker at the local factory who spent his off hours as a regular at the local pub. Unfortunately Darktide is short on bright floral print shirts, but that's what Choo-Choo would be wearing if the 40K universe wasn't, y'know, non-stop miserable.

In the second pic above you can see what Choo-Choo is rocking now: after a couple weeks of combat, he's gotten into the spirit a little with a skull bandolier and some snazzier pants. It beats wearing prison cut-offs, anyway. I also unlocked a helmet, but Choo-Choo doesn't really seem like the helmet type. Some pink aviators are more his style, I think.

Jody: Spiders-Grigori, Veteran, and Klovice, Zealot

Jody: Spiders-Grigori is named after the best Tumblr post ever. The Zealot is Klovice, named after Klovis the Redeemer, from a 40K comic. He wears a hat made of fire and hopefully I can get one for her too.

Morgan: Dickot, Psyker

Warhammer 40K darktide dickot

(Image credit: Fatshark)

Morgan: This is Dickot, a recently employed homicidal weirdo who explodes heads with his blue hands. When I was scrolling through hairdos and saw what appeared to be the spitting image of Heihachi Mishima's V-pattern baldness iconic to Tekken, Dickot's purpose came into focus: Become the most powerful man in the universe, and win the King of the Iron Fist tournament.

If you're playing Darktide, share your character (or characters) with us in the comments and tell us how you came up with them.

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