Shenmue 3 goes gambling on a cruise ship in its next DLC

(Image credit: Deep Silver)

Shenmue 3's third piece of DLC will be appearing soon, on March 17, letting Ryo take a wee break on a flashy cruise ship. It's moored in Niaowu Harbour, so you won't be doing any nautical sightseeing, but you will be able to waste your cash on some minigames. 

The Big Merry Cruise DLC will also apparently feature "exclusive challenges," some of which will net you new outfits to drape over Ryo. That should come in handy if you end up losing your shirt during your gambling binge. 

Now that three pieces of DLC have been unveiled, I think it's safe to say that Shenmue 3's season pass is far from essential. If you're already finished the game, the appeal of some minigames and challenges probably won't be very strong, and only one of the DLCs so far has been story-based. 

If you've already got the season pass, the DLC will be added to your game on March 17, but you can also buy it individually on the Epic Games Store next week. In the meantime, check out some more screenshots below. 

(Image credit: Deep Silver)

(Image credit: Deep Silver)
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