Shadows will kill you in Lightmatter, a first-person puzzler coming this year

“Think ‘the floor is lava,’ just with shadows that kill you,” the narrator helpfully explains in the trailer for Lightmatter, a first-person puzzle game in the vein of Antichamber and The Talos Principle.

Coming later this year, Lightmatter will challenge players to escape from the laboratory of a demented inventor, and if he sounds familiar, it’s because he's played by actor David Bateson, who you may remember as the voice of Agent 47 in the majority of the Hitman games.

To escape, you’ll need to move and manipulate light sources in order to open the way forward, banishing the deadly shadows in your path. Lightmatter has a clean aesthetic, almost in a comic book style, and it pairs that up with a dark sense of humor.

Tunnel Vision Games is running an alpha playtest via their Discord, so head over there if you’d like to try it out a bit early.