Shadows: Awakening is a tactical 'real time combat' isometric ARPG, due next year

Kalypso Media and Game Farm have announced Shadows: Awakening—a new action role-player with "real time tactical combat" that marks the next chapter in the Heretics fantasy series. 

Due next year, Shadows: Awakening promises players upwards of 40 hours, two worlds, and a new 'Synergy' talent system—all of which picks up where 2014's Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms left off. 

Those familiar with the Herectics games will likely know that the series' Book 2 failed to materialise, which is something Awakening addresses head on. Here's Kalypso with more on that:

"[We] are excited to reveal that Shadows: Awakening will not only bring the story of ‘Book 2’ to life, but will also combine it with the original storyline, making Shadows: Awakening not a sequel, but a full and completed experience; improved and re-worked to take full advantage of today’s console and PC technology. 

"Additionally, owners of the original Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms will no doubt remember that they were promised ‘Book 2’ free of charge. Kalypso Media and Games Farm are happy to confirm that they will uphold their promise to reward these long-time fans – with all owners of the Steam and GOG versions of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms eligible to receive Shadows: Awakening as an update to their existing game, completely free of charge."

No concrete launch date just yet, however Shadows: Awakening is due at some point in 2018.