Shadowrun Online announced. High Council of Elders aiding development

Shadowrun Online thumbnail

Cliffhanger Productions are developing a a browser-based sequel to Shadowrun - 2007's cross-platform, third person shooter which featured guns, tech and magic. It wasn't very good.

The sequel is set to be an entirely different game though. Cliffhanger Productions have been working with a super elite group of Shadowrun mega-fans known as The Shadowrun High Council of Elders. It's made up of previous Shadowrun writers, artists, modders, and general mega-fans who love the Shadowrun series more than life itself.

The new game will be entirely browser-based. Despite the devs describing their own game as "decent quality, but it won't be what some call AAA," its appears to be shaping up rather nicely.

Here's a brief description of gameplay from the devs:

"The game will feature two major parts – the action map, where you (and your friends) do missions from stealthily infiltrating a secret Renraku research facility to punching the lights out of a major Aztechnology outpost with guns blazing. Hacking, magic and gunfights are all part of that and will be done simultaneously (so nobody needs to go for pizza while your hacker battles Black ICE for two hours).

The second part will be the legwork and mission preparation. This will happen on a city overview map, where you can try and use your contacts, skills or resources to gain info on the mission goal, acquire blueprints, bribe guards or prepare the right soft or spell for your endeavor. This will be closer to rolling the dice on an action and getting a short narrated outcome."

Cliffhanger Productions are also developing Jagged Alliance Online . For more on Shadowrun Online, visit the official site and forum .

Are you excited about Shadowrun Online? Ever joined a High Council of Elders?