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Several days of Borderlands 3 gameplay streams are ahead

Borderlands 3 stream
(Image credit: Gearbox Interactive | King Gothalion)

It seems like we can't go a week without new Borderlands 3 footage, and 2K has partnered with streamers to make sure that remains the case this week and next. Including today, six days of sponsored Borderlands 3 streams all featuring FL4K the Beastmaster are planned, with several different streamers to be featured.

You can check out the full schedule and list of streamers on the Borderlands website. More streams will be hosted on the official Borderlands twitch channel tomorrow and Friday, and then next week on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd.

Last week, Tyler visited 2K to try out FL4K himself, as well as to play a mission set on the jungle planet Eden-6—you can watch his gameplay video and read his impressions here.

This morning's stream from King Gothalion showed off co-op play with two FL4Ks. Among the minor discoveries of the morning: sliding around on your butt is fun and changing the colors on your own outfit will color FL4K's pet companions to match.

If you're planning your own Beastmaster build, check out our page of Borderlands 3 skill trees.

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