Session gets 'Skate-like controls' and a new skate park in the latest update

Session is already one of the best skateboarding sims on PC despite being in Early Access and nowhere near finished. The only way from here is up, hopefully, as its latest update should prove. It adds a whole new skatepark called crea-ture park (named after the developer) for you to tear up with the new grind and slide animations. 

You'll want to focus on practising your landings after the update, as your skater's orientation when landing now determines their speed and whether they end up eating concrete or not. Not only that, but you can no longer get off scot-free when trying to land a trick from a huge height. Crea-ture says surviving a big drop is now done "by flicking the stick in opposite vertical directions in sync with your impact on the ground." Good luck with that.

You don't necessarily have to snack on the asphalt alone, though, as Session now supports Remote Play Together. That means you can stream your game with one of your Steam friends and have them join in as a second player. If your mate hasn't played Session before but has played Skate then there's a new feature that'll be perfect for them. 

The 'Legacy' controls available to select in the menu are "Skate-like controls," meaning you use the left stick to move around while the right stick does tricks and grinds. However, crea-ture does note that these controls are "still in the early stages of development." You might have some issues with grinds, Willys, and Overwillys when using the Legacy controls.

Finally, crea-ture has also teamed up with Chillhop Radio to provide a new radio station that plays 22 lo-fi beats. If you've ever listened to one of those YouTube videos that constantly plays chill hip-hop then you'll know what to expect—Chillhop Radio runs those channels.