Serve up suspect sauce in free adventure game The Supper

(Image credit: Octavi Navarro)

I'm sure you've heard tales of innkeepers, publicans, or demonic barbers who lure customers in, only to murder them. The Supper puts you in the role of the killer: an old lady on crutches who runs a tavern famous for its special sauce. Every item on the menu is slathered in the stuff, from the pigeon to the, er, human hand, its secret a guarded culinary mystery second only to the type of rat used in a service station sausage roll.

In this brief, wicked adventure game, you have to serve up three different dishes to the three guests who have foolishly chosen to dine at your tavern. First you'll find the ingredients, and then maybe you'll prepare them, and finally you'll plonk the dish into the sauce. The puzzles aren't all that challenging, compared to ye olde classice adventure games, and they're strictly linear. This is a short story in game form, complete with satisfying ending. It's exactly as long as it needs to be, which is roughly  20 minutes.

You've played Octavi Navarro's other free adventure games? Oh, you haven't? Treat yourself. The Supper is another that's as gorgeous and polished and imaginative as the best adventure games, only compressed to an easily digestible bite-size. Part of me wants Navarro to make a bigger, fuller game. Part of me wants more of these little stories. I'll be thrilled with whatever happens, more than likely.

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Tom Sykes

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