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Serious Sam 4 gets official modding and Steam Workshop support

Serious Sam 4
(Image credit: Croteam)

Serious Sam 4 is now a whole lot more serious, especially if you’re serious about mods, because official support for them rolled out today. The Serious Editor is now available free to Steam owners of the game, which is the same toolkit Croteam uses to build the game. Not only that, but it has Steam Workshop integration, so there’s no reason not to muck around with some of the community’s creations.

And that’s already possible: the first highlight is 7Smoke Racing, which turns the game into a racer with “a variety of tracks over several Grand Prix Cups” with both competitive and time trial modes (it’s still very violent, apparently). There’s also a handy resource manager that lets you edit most aspects of the base game without getting your hands dirty, and a mod that adds 16-player co-op—very serious indeed.

Patch 1.08 does a lot of other things as well: there’s a host of new playable characters like Nonna, Hellfire, Jones, Kenny, Mikhail, Quinn and Rodriguez, and all of Serious Sam 4’s NPCs are also playable. If any of them swear too much for you, don’t worry, because you can now filter profanity, too.

The rest is all about bug fixes and performance improvements. To read all about it, check out the full changelog on Steam. Tyler enjoyed the game when it launched late last year, writing that “mowing down thousands of aliens in Vatican City is worth doing at least once,” which is a beautiful sentence when sheared of its context.

There’s a nice overview of the editor’s features embedded below, courtesy of World of Serious Engine.

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