Sekiro mod lets you fight bosses, and only bosses, in any order you want

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If you've completed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, congratulations! It's no easy task. And if you're looking to relive the glory and catharsis of defeating the game's brutally tough bosses, I've got some great news. You don't have to play through the entire game again from the start to go a few rounds with the biggest, baddest brutes—now there's Sekiro's Boss Rush mod, which lets you fight the game's bosses, and only the game's bosses. And you can fight them in any order you want.

With the Boss Rush mod installed, you can select from a list of bosses using the Sculptor's Idol at the Dilapidated Temple, and warp right to the boss arena of your choosing. Hope you don't need a warm-up because you'll be jumping right in to battle Lady Butterfly, the Corrupted Monk, the Divine Dragon, that ridiculous giant headless ape, and any other boss you want to revisit. (Modder Thefifthmatt states that a boss is defined as an enemy who gives you a memory when you defeat them, so no Great Serpents or Chained Ogres here.)

What's more, defeating a boss for the first time gives you a coin purse with 1,000 sen which you can spend on shop items, and you also gain XP each time you beat them. There are no NPCs, so you can handle your upgrades at the idol in the temple. The mod also adds a number of streamlined conveniences, such as:

  • Skip the Ashina Reservoir tutorial segment
  • Item pickups and drops do not pause the game
  • No in-game tutorial popups
  • No cutscene on first death
  • No slow-walk areas
  • Exchange multiple gourd seeds and multiple prayer necklaces at once
  • Sold out items are removed from the shop

Naturally, this mod isn't recommended for first-time players but for Sekiro veterans who want to perfect their techniques and go a few more rounds with the big bads without having to play through the entire game again.

You'll find the Boss Rush mod here on Nexus Mods, with full instructions on how to install it. If you want to take a look at the mod in action, watch a talented player using it in the video below.

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