See all of Destiny 2's super abilities as GIFs

With the release of the Destiny 2 beta on consoles (the PC beta is coming in August) we can finally inspect every subclass and test their super abilities for ourselves, like the dangerous space wizard scientists we always dreamed of becoming. But if you want help picking a class before the PC beta, or if you’re unfamiliar with how Destiny 2’s classes differ, we’ve put together everything you need to know right here. In the accompanying video, we look through every subclass skill tree, and below, show off each of the corresponding ‘super’ abilities in action. 

But first, let's examine the skill trees up close and call out some of the more interesting abilities in the mix. 

00:02—With the Voidwalker Warlock's Cataclysm ability active, you can actually shoot your Nova Bomb super to activate it early. 

00:05—The Voidwalker Warlock's Chaos Accelerant ability lets you hold your a button to drawn energy from your super meter to overcharge your grenade.  Meanwhile, Feed the Void directs the overcharge energy directly into your health.  

01:53—The Dawnblade Warlock has an optional ability that let's you hold a button to dive from midair to the ground in order to restore your health instantly. If your super is active, the dive does explosive damage. Rad. 

02:17—The Hunter's mostly blasé dodge roll actually comes with some decent benefits. Depending on your spec, the roll can automatically reload your weapon or recharge your melee, which sounds lovely for DPS players. Pair it with the Arcstrider's Focused Breathing to recharge your dodge roll while sprinting and become a rolly, runny damage dealer. 

04:31—The Titan's Rally Barricade might be smaller, but it reloads your weapon instantly. Pair it with that nasty chaingun to stay safe and shooting. 

05:12—The Sentinel Titan's In the Trenches ability reduces your super's cooldown if you're surrounded by enemies. Paired with the shield's pinballing stun throw, and it's clear the Sentinel is meant to be the one who initiates big brawls. 

And now, the supers. They sure look cool, but are they any good?

Voidwalker Warlock

Nova Bomb can be tuned to slowly seek enemies and explode in a shower of Axion Bolts, or to sit still as a singularity and draw enemies in for damage over time. 

Dawnblade Warlock

Daybreak summons a big flaming sword and some cool fire wings for precision Solar damage dealing. Direct hits do the most damage, but every swing also shoots out an arc of fire, which is nice when you're hovering above a swarming mob. 

Sentinel Titan

The Sentinel Shield summons a shield that can be used to (surprise) block damage, thrown to stun groups of enemies, or to bash alien faces. 

By speccing into Code of the Protector, Sentinels can hold their super trigger to summon a Ward of Dawn instead, which is a big bubble shield that blocks incoming and outgoing gunfire.   

Striker Titan

Initiating Fists of Havoc makes your Titan's paws glow with Arc energy and triggers a leap and AoE ground pound that wipes out crowds with ease. 

Arcstrider Hunter

The Arc Staff super is pretty self explanatory: It summons an Arc powered staff the Hunter can swing wildly. But paired with the Hunter's dodge roll, it's one of the more agile melee supers, especially because you can spec Arc Staff to provide a defense buff or damage buff after dodging. 

Gunslinger Hunter

The Golden Gun super summons a rad flaming pistol that dissolves enemies with sacred light. It's designed to do a lot of damage in a short period of time, which usually means taking out a crowd when you're overwhelmed or slicing off a piece of a boss' health bar in a few seconds. If you can't get enough shooting, it's possible to spec Golden Gun to fire up to six shots. 

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