See a demon get murdered with its own horn in this Devil's Hunt gameplay video from PAX

Devil's Hunt is a demon-clobbering action game in development at Polish studio Layopi Games that follows a man named Desmond as he kicks all kinds of ass in a war between angels and demons. We spoke to Layopi about it last year and it sounds like it could be interesting, with customizable characters, "a robust skill and combo system," some puzzles to deal with, and pretty cool-looking environments. 

Now we can see the game in action, thanks to a 19-minute gameplay trailer from PAX East that publisher 1C Company rolled onto YouTube today. The video is set in the halls of Hell and shows off a little bit of everything, including environmental interactions, a spot of conversation, and a boss fight. 

The announcement that accompanied the video also shines a little more light on what the game is all about. Desmond was a man who had it all but lost everything, a change of fortunes that propelled him to sign a deal to become Lucifer's executioner. Quite a leap, yes, but now you're having second thoughts for some reason and have thus decided to ponder your predicament by murdering angels and demons in Hell, Jerusalem, and Miami.   

Okay, it's not exactly Wordsworth, but at the 12:25 mark Desmond uppercuts a demon so hard its head comes clean off, so I think that shows some promise. Devil's Hunt is expected to be out later this year and will be available, barring any last-minute changes, on Steam

Andy Chalk

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