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Seasons mod brings life to Fallout 4

FAllout 4 seasons
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It's a strange thing that 200 years after the nukes fell hardly a sprig of cress has sprung up in the Commonwealth (opens in new tab). Modder GameDuchess invites us to check out photos of Nagasaki (opens in new tab) and Hiroshima (opens in new tab) a mere 70 years on to prove that point, and she's spruced up the Wasteland four times over: once for spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Fallout 4 Seasons (opens in new tab) (top name) combines a number of mods such as More Grass (opens in new tab) and All Tree Have Leaves (opens in new tab) to create greenery to rival that jungle we hear so much about on the radio. Some of the foliage looks a little off, particularly in autumn, but I'm still amazed by what modders are capable of without official tools.

The textures range from standard resolution up to 4K, so Seasons may tax the odd GPU. GameDuchess promises optimisation as time goes on in addition to working on the mod's most obvious flaw: seasons don't cycle. The switch has to be made manually, which doesn't do much for immersion, but such functionality is limited until the Creation Kit arrives. As GameDuchess says, "BACK UP YOUR DAMN DATA FOLDER AND SAVE GAMES".

Thanks, Eurogamer (opens in new tab).

Fallout 4 Winter