Seagate's 2TB FireCuda solid state hard drive is on sale for $80

You're not going to find a 2TB solid state drive for $80, not unless you stumble across a shady deal that is most likely too good to be true. Likewise, you're not going to find an $80 hard drive that offers the speed of an SSD. However, Seagate's 2TB FireCuda Gaming SSHD does attempt to offer the best of both worlds, and it's on sale at Amazon today for $79.99.

This drive typically sells for around $95 and up. Case in point, Newegg has it on sale for $94.99, down from its list price of $129.99.

If you're not familiar with SSHDs, the trick with these storage devices is they supplement the mechanical storage with a chunk of NAND flash memory. Frequently used applications get loaded into the NAND portion for faster access, and in some cases, it can feel like using an SSD.

There's a little more to it than that. Seagate actually uses what it calls multi-tier caching (MTC) technology on the FireCuda, which consists of DRAM and media caching schemes in addition to NAND flash memory.

An outright SSD is still the faster option, but if you're wanting to save a few bucks, this is a decent alternative. You can find it on sale here.

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