Sea Salt is out now, allowing you to become a horrible eldritch ocean god

There are quite a few games based on H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, but not many that let you play as his baddies. That's a shame, since the baddies in Lovecraft are extremely bad, so much so that even learning too much about them is enough to drive his nervous protagonists over the deep end. Sea Salt, however, casts you as Dagon, the elder god of the sea, giving you the opportunity to wreak havoc on coastal villages to your cold, black heart's content.

Being an old one, Dagon prefers not to act on the world directly, and instead performs his evil through agents. These include robed cultists, awful swarms of rats, and slimy shoggoths, all of whom are happy to munch on fisherman flesh every chance they get.

You may recall that Sea Salt appeared on Kickstarter last year, and now it's available on GOG and Steam.