Scrolls crafting update will let you merge cards into stat-tracking shinies

I do love a good collectible card game, but they have their foibles. The collector will know well the frustration of having duplicates you just can't shift, no matter how many strangers you accost on the street demanding that they just take them please go on TAKE THEM . There are times I've looked down at a few identical spares and wondered " what if? ," pressed them carefully together and hoped that, by some stroke of magic they might fuse in the warmth, and transform from hopeless cardboard wastage into a glittering shiny.

This ... has never worked. But a new crafting system will bring that pleasure to Mojang's collectible card game, Scrolls . You'll soon be able to turn a bunch of duplicate scrolls into higher tier scrolls. This won't affect their stats and fighting prowess, but it will let scrolls track their own battle stats.

The precise stats recorded will include "the amount of games the scroll has participated in, the number of times a scroll has been played to the board, how many games it's won, and how many times it's been sacrificed." Some scrolls will also track "damage dealt, units killed, idols destroyed, times vanquished, and health healed." There are two tiers of scroll to achieve through crafting, tier two scrolls get stat tracking and a mini-wax seal, tier three cards have the same stat tracking abilities but are shiny and glittery and therefore better in every way.

Here's a helpful diagram showing how that all works, and a picture of one of those shinies. The update's due to go lie in the coming week.

Tom Senior

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