Scorpix, an exclusive hero reveal for Rise of the Immortals


As you might've read last week , Rise of Immortals is a new MOBA on the way that's willing to take a few risks in the genre. That includes the controversial implementation of persistent levels for your characters, which has received mixed reactions so far from our readers. But I think we can all get behind a half-scorpion man who can summon other scorpions to tear apart his foes mercilessly. Enter Scorpix.


At first glance, it seems like Scorpix is your typical tanky Strength-based initiator, but there's a twist: he can also summon pets for offense and defense. Able to withstand the brunt of the enemy's initial burst damage, Scorpix can wade into the fight and protect his teammates using his Broodling minions and a variety of slowing effects.


  • Broodling Defenders : Rally your broodling warriors to change stances and sting an enemy target. Feel free to repeat just for the fun of being the lord of scorpions.

  • Venomous Sting : That stinger ain't just for show! Unleash a venomous strike from your stinger, decreasing your pitiable target's armor and damaging them over time.

  • Hardened Carapace : There are benefits to being mostly scorpion, such as being able to harden your carapace to create a defensive shield that prevents a large amount of incoming damage. It also protects you from getting stomped on by hikers.

  • Ultimate—Infectious Torrent : Now that's a name that'll give your grandma shivers. Unleash a torrent of deadly venom, poisoning the earth around you to gradually slow enemy movement speed and damage over time. The longer a target lingers in the area of effect, the more damage they take. Remember, kids: don't stand in the green acid.

  • Signature (unlocked at level 25)—Corrosive Carapace : While active, your become incredibly resilient against damage of all kinds and anyone that hits you will be infected with deadly venom that slows and damages them for period of time. "Hey guys, let's gank this stupid bugge—AIEEEEEE THE EXCRUCIATING PAIN!"


The beast now known as Scorpix was once the emperor to a kingdom and people long lost to the shadows of time. A benevolent ruler, the emperor was betrayed by his brother and left to die in the vast wastelands of the Great Desert. For long weeks the emperor struggled across the hellish landscape, searching for any respite from the blistering heat. Just as it looked like death would claim him, the emperor stumbled across a serene oasis. As he quenched his thirst with its cool water, he was approached by a mysterious, beautiful sorceress who offered him sanctuary and eternal bliss; all she asked in return was that he spend the rest of his days with her. He agreed.

Years passed, and with each change of the season, he became more determined to slay his treacherous brother and reclaim his stolen kingdom. And so one cool, moon-less night, he stole away. The sorceress, enraged by the emperor's betrayal, cursed him so that from moment forward he would be nothing more than a savage, monstrous servant to chaos and vengeance. Thus the creature known as Scorpix was born. In the end, the emperor succeeded in exacting his revenge against his brother. But in his bloodlust, Scorpix not only killed his brother, but also wiped his entire civilization off the face of the earth in one blood-crazed afternoon. Scorpix has little conscious thought. He's driven by primal emotions, and sees everyone as his enemy. He lives to kill.

From the looks of things, if you were a fan of The Rock's role in The Mummy Returns, Scorpix will be right up your alley. Want to try him (and every other Immortal in the game) for free? Sign up for the Rise of Immortals closed beta at and you could be one of the first to give Scorpix a whirl. Hey, at 0 dollars and 0 cents, it's quite a value.