Scorn showcases its gorgeously gruesome FPS horror, now crowdfunding

Scorn describes itself as an "atmospheric first-person horror game" that's split into two parts. It first caught Shaun's eye last year when it arrived on Steam's Greenlight initiative, and its first instalment is now looking for money via Kickstarter. It's also now got a seven minute in-game footage trailer. 

"Atmospheric" perhaps sells Scorn short, which is why you should probably check out the following video for yourself before we go on.

With its gore-splattered hallways, weird faceless winged beasties and vacuous steampunk-meets-the depths of hell vibes, Scorn's world looks gorgeous and terrifying in equal measure. And what exactly is going on with those bug-like weapons?

Developer Ebb Studios suggests its open-ended world is "lived-in", and that the game's narrative unfolds in-game without the use of cutscenes. What's more, Scorn will be launched in two parts so as to sidestep DLC, expansions and sequels. 

Scorns first instalment is due at some point next year. If you like what you see, its Kickstarter page can be found over here. A demo will be made available to all backers prior to the campaign's end.