Sci-fi flying sim Exo One gets a free prologue on Steam

(Image credit: Exbleative)

A few months ago, Exo One, Kickstarted back in 2017, resurfaced with a gameplay trailer and a demo at the Steam Summer Games Festival. If you've missed the demo or simply feel like having a relaxing time flying a disc-shaped spaceship around, you can now do so with the free prologue, available on Steam from today.

The prologue will hopefully help you get a feeling for how drifting and flying in this game works, which indie developer Exbleative calls "a truly alien experience". Exo One is a game all about flying and enjoying the scenery to some chill music, to build up speed you can also use what looks like halfpipes conveniently built into each landscape. It feels like the kind of game you'd play to take some time out when everything else is just a bit too much, so basically at any point in time this year.

Exo One is set to release sometime before the end of 2020.