Scars Above looks eerie, alien, and pyramidal

Scars Above, an upcoming Sci-Fi action adventure from Serbian studio Mad Head Games was announced at Gamescom's Opening Night Live.

There are parts of the trailer that remind me of Control — not least the ominous inverted pyramids, which is in-universe referred to as the Metahedron, according to its Steam page. It looks to lean far more into the alien than the eldritch, however, as you play as astronaut and scientist Kate Ward, stranded from her crew in a strange, hostile environment.

With the trailer showing Kate both trapping and gunning down gruesome, fleshy aliens, it's curious that the listing emphasises that she's not a soldier, but a scientist, but it also promises multiple environments to explore, analyse and learn from.

It looks extremely genre without a hint of irony, which I can appreciate. Sometimes, you're just a scientist who has crash landed on a mysterious planet because of, uh oh, problems, and now you're in the thick of both mysteries and alien hostilities. 

Scars Above is one of 12 games signed to Prime Matter last year — many of which are equally Sci-Fi, but include among them Mount and Blade II: Bannerlords, which finally has its full release date.

For now, Scars Above doesn't have a release date, with its reveal trailer promising only that it's "coming Soon". For more details, keep an eye on its Steam page.

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