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Save up to $170 on a comfy gaming chair at Newegg

Save up to $170 on a comfy reclining gaming chair at Newegg
Work, game, and nap on these fully reclining gaming chairs on sale for over 50 percent off. (Image credit: DEVOKO)

Newegg is running a deal on cheap gaming chairs, and while the Devoko racing style chair is no Japanese gaming bed,it is on sale for $129. It's a nice chair that could help if you've found yourself working a lot of work-from-home hours recently.

The Devoko chair has a removable headrest and adjustable lumbar pillow. More importantly, it can recline back 180 degrees so you can squeeze in a cat nap on your lunch break. And science has proven that naps are, in fact, awesome. Note that the $129 price is for the chair with the white accents. If you want blue, it'll cost an extra $15, but all-black is only an extra buck. The black isn't bad in case you wanted something a little bit more toned down for your conference calls.

The Devoko isn't on our list of the best gaming chairs, but it has good reviews on Newegg and is considerably cheaper than most of our favorites.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Seat $129 (save $170)
Pick up this comfy reclining gaming chair at over half price off. Not a fancy chair, but it's comfy and very well priced right now.View Deal

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