Save up to 85 percent in the Humble horror sale

It's been a horrific couple of weeks over on the Humble Store, first with the Horror Bundle, and now with a Horror sale lasting until Tuesday September 5. It's not even October yet, but the scares are coming thick and fast. 

Some of the highlights include 50 percent off the frightening Outlast 2, and the magnificent semi-text adventure Stories Untold. Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller where a group of teens explore a strange island, and you can get it for 75 percent off this week. Observer only just came out, but you can already get 20 percent off. 

Arguably the spookiest game ever, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, is on sale for a huge 85 percent off. SOMA is from the same developer, and takes places under the sea in a facility where things have gone very wrong. You can get it for 70 percent off until the sale ends in four days time.

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