Save up to 65% on a range of cases during NZXT’s clearance sale

NZXT is just days removed for its previous case sale, in which the company discounted a bunch of Phantom and Manta models. It apparently didn't get rid of them all, though, as NZXT is following that up with a clearance sale on a range of cases.

This time around, NZXT is being even more aggressive with its discounts. You can save up to 65 percent, depending on the case. These are older models that lack the smart device integration that many of NZXT's newest cases offer, but if you can do without a bundled fan and light controller, there are some compelling deals to be had.

The H440, for example, is available for $74.99, down from its $119.99 list price. That's also a good chunk lower than the $99.99 sale price on Newegg.


<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">NZXT H440 | Black and Red | $74.99
This is the lowest price we've seen for what's still an excellent mid-tower. It comes with four fans, including three 120mm (front) and one 140mm (rear). <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant=""">$74.99 (NZXT)


<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">NZXT H440 | Black and Blue | $74.99
Same case as above, but with blue trim on top of black. It also comes with a handful of case fans and a side window to show off your parts. <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant=""">$74.99 (NZXT)

There are other color options available too. If you're a fan of Razer's products, NZXT is also clearing out the "Designed by Razer" model.


<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">NZXT H440 | Designed by Razer | $99.99
This version of the H440 features Razer's logo on the front, green lighting around the power button, green USB ports on the front panel, and a green underglow. <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant=""">$99.99 (NZXT)

NZXT's sale is not limited to the H440 series, there are discounts a few other case models models as well.


<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">NZXT S340 | White | Mid-Tower | $49.99
The S340 is a steel and relatively compact mid-tower case. It has an integrated PSU shroud and a grommet-less cable management bar to help keep things tidy. <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant=""">$49.99 (NZXT)


<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">NZXT Phantom | White | Full-Tower | $59.99
The original Phantom is a big case supporting up to an E-ATX motherboard. It offers extensive cooling options, including room for multiple 200mm fans (two of which are included). <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant=""">$59.99 (NZXT)


<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">NZXT Manta | Black and Red | SFF | $79.99
On the other end of the spectrum is the Manta, a small form factor case for builds based around a mini-ITX motherboard. While smaller in size, it can fit two 280mm liquid cooling radiators inside. <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant=""">$79.99 (NZXT)

There are a few other case and color options that NZXT is clearing out. Some of them have already sold out, however, so be ready to pounce if you see something like you.

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