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Save the cutest cat in the universe in pastel brawler Super Crush KO, out next week

Super Crush KO is a fast-paced brawler that blends beat-em-up with run n' gun combat. You play as Karen on her mission to save her cat Chubbz, a.k.a The Cutest Cat in the Universe, from a robot army controlled by a fashionable alien commander. The machines are also trying to enslave humanity, but saving Chubbz is a top priority. 

In this 2D brawler, you'll be combining a bunch of powerful moves to fight your way through the pastel streets of Karen's hometown. The trailer (above) shows off Super Crush KO's fluid and punchy combat.

Brawling your way through the waves of robots, you'll pick up food items that grant you powerful moves. A pretzel will give you the twister drill attack that lets you punch your way through multiple enemies, popcorn gives you an air hop, coffee lets you smash the ground launching enemies into the air, and pizza grants you a powerful uppercut slice. And if that wasn't enough, you can finish off your combo with flair by unleashing an all-encompassing super beam. 

I'm keeping Super Crush KO on my radar when it releases on January 16. Vertex Pop is both developing and publishing Super Crush KO and plans to release it on Steam next week.