Fanatical's BundleFest 9 adds tiered Nemesis Bundle 6 - get 15 games for $9 (Updated)

Update: BundleFest 9, Fanatical's continuous discounts event, wraps up today with the introduction of its Nemesis Bundle 6. In doing so, the digital storefront has, by its own admission, "saved the best for last". 

Boasting a familiar multi-leveled format, Tier 1 comes in at just £0.89/$1 and nets buyers Tastee: Lethal Tactics, Slice Dice and Rice, Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings, and Clifftop Games' wonderful investigation-meets-detective 'em up adventure Kathy Rain. 

Into Tier 2, £4.29/$4.99 gets you all of the above plus a further eight games, including Ion Lands' charming alien exploration game Phoning Home. Tier 3 collects all of that and adds Beholder, its Blissful Sleep DLC, and Antihero for £7.69/$8.99.

Andy enjoyed his time with the former—here's some words on his early impressions at launch:

Beholder is one of the darkest games I’ve played in some time, like Papers, Please meets The Lives of Others... from what I’ve seen so far it’s an intriguing game with beautifully stylish art and an eerie, paranoid atmosphere. Watching that cop beating Manishek half to death as a result of my state-sanctioned prying was surprisingly difficult to stomach, even if he was breaking the law. It’s not often that games make me feel genuinely unsettled, and that alone made Beholder worth playing. 

Fanatical's Nemesis Bundle 6 can be viewed in full over here. Read more on BundleFest 9 below. 

Update: BundleFest 9, Fanatical's continuous discounts event, is live now through February 28. 

Bringing with it loads of neat bundles—I mean, it's in the name—everything from Batman to Facerig and the Nemesis 5 package we reported on last month is subject to a price slash. Now, tinyBuild's repertoire of playful games has joined the fun with the suitably-named Party Bundle

Within, you'll find the likes of sports management box 'em up Punch Club, single-player sidescroller The Final Station, and the wonderful/potentially friendship-destroying SpeedRunners. 

The latter is equal parts brilliant and infuriating, depending on which side of the checkered flag you find yourself on, which is why I vouched for it in our list of the best superhero games

Original story: 

Fanatical's BundleFest 9 is go—bringing with it a range of bundled special offers from now through February 28. As with previous BundleFest dealios, new package deals will be added every day for the next week. 

As mentioned in the headline above, Fanatical's Starter Bundle gathers ten indie gems for just £1.69/your regional equivalent. Toren is probably the pick of that bunch, but have a gander yourself at the assortment that'll save you £103.79. 

Elsewhere, the Batman Arkham Knight Bundle comes with a 66 percent discount at just £10.19; while the Indie Legends 7 Bundle costs just £2.99 and includes 2.5D cinematic platformer Deadlight, empire-builder Mad Games Tycoon, and online strategy 'em up Kingdom Rush Frontiers. 

Check out all of BundleFest 9's offerings this-a-way, share your own favourites in the comments below, and be sure to check back every day till February 28 for new deals. 

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