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Save $200 on this Acer 144Hz IPS monitor with G-sync, now at its lowest price

Save $200 on this Acer 144Hz IPS monitor with G-sync, now at its lowest price
(Image credit: Acer)

If you're looking to score a UHD G-sync panel on the cheap, right now Acer's XB271HU monitor is available for $499.99 saving a couple of hundred bucks off the regular price. This sleek 27-inch gaming monitor handles resolutions up to 1440p and delivers butter-smooth 144Hz refresh rates. The XB271 also has G-sync, which allows for variable refresh rates and cuts down drastically on both input lag and screen tearing, allowing this panel to compete with some of the best gaming monitors out there. In fact, it's one of our top picks.

Acer's "Zero Frame" technology gives this monitor a super-thin top, right and left bezel, measuring a scant 5mm, the bottom edge is significantly thicker, at 2.5cm but still delivers an awesome looking picture. For better or worse, the Acer Predator brand aesthetic is on full display here, with an abundance of red on black motifs and sharp angles covering the stand. But for those striving toward the ultra-tidy desk end game, the XB271 also features VESA mounts for a variety of stand-free solutions. The specs on this particular monitor leave little to be desired unless you have one of the best gaming PCs available, and looking to push resolutions above 1440p. 

Acer Predator XB271HU | $499.99 at Amazon ($200 off)
The XB271HU checks nearly all the boxes for those in the market for a high resolution, high refresh display. And at this price, it's worth getting now.View Deal

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