Save $160 on Vertagear's Triigger 275 ergonomic gaming chair

Office chairs might be the unsung heroes of gaming. They don't get the same level of attention as a fast graphics card or a fancy monitor, but they are every bit as vital to a proper gaming experience. The trouble is, the best ones are often expensive. It helps if you can find one on sale, as is the case with Vertagear's Triigger 275—it's available at Newegg today for $439.99.

While not cheap, that is $160 off its MSRP, and $260 less than Newegg's claimed (and inflated) list price. This chair typically commands a premium. Over at Amazon, the red and black model featured here is currently listed at $599.

The Triigger 275 derives its name from the more than 275 individual components it's constructed from, 80 of which comprise the dual spring hub that controls the seat height, tilt angle, and tilt tension. It also has adjustable armrests, 65mm Holtron hub-less casters, and an aluminum frame/base.

Vertagear backs the Triigger 275 with a lengthy 10-year warranty, which is nice to see when forking over several hundred bucks.

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Paul Lilly

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