Samsung's site is showing a 4TB 860 Pro solid state drive for $1,900

It appears that Samsung is adding another 4TB solid state drive to its lineup. While nothing has been officially announced, the company's website shows a new 4TB capacity 860 Pro (MZ-76P4T0E) priced at an eye-popping $1,900.

Attempts to click through to the drive's product page bring up an error message, so it looks like someone jumped the gun. Nevertheless, we can at least see some performance ratings—namely, Samsung lists the drive's sequential read speed at up to 560MB/s and its sequential write speed at up to 530MB/s.

Those are both slightly faster than Samsung's 850 Evo SSD of the same capacity, which is rated to deliver up to 540MB/s of sequential read performance and up to 520MB/s of sequential writes. Based on MSRPs for both drives, Samsung is charging a $300 premium for performance bump—the 4TB 850 Evo is listed at $1,600, though it can be found on Amazon for $1,478.

It's not clear what exact memory and controller Samsung is using on this new drive. For reference, Samsung's 850 Pro released in 2015 paired the company's MHX controller with MLC V-NAND memory.

Paul Lilly

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