Samsung and LG show off transparent screens at CES 2024 that have to be seen to be believed

Samsung transparent Micro LED screen
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CES is renowned for showcasing the latest and greatest display technologies, and the 2024 edition is no different. Samsung and LG always bring something new to ogle, and this year it was transparent screens that wowed us with gorgeous holographic-like images, like something straight out of Star Trek.

Samsung showcased the world's first transparent Micro LED display. It's a definite improvement over earlier attempts, with the brightness and colors that really impress. It's also more transparent, making it easier to see through the panel to the other side.

The demonstration we saw involved showing fireworks on the transparent panel, in front of another screen with a cityscape on it. The images are particularly bright and sharp. It's the kind of thing that needs to be seen in person to appreciate. Pictures and videos don't do it justice.

Samsung's showcase provides a good example of how transparent screens can be used for augmentation purposes, if not pseudo holograms. I can see panels like this being popular in building or hotel lobbies, or used for billboards. Perhaps you might want a fish tank when you're not watching anything? Without the inconvenience of, you know, fish.

Samsung says the use of Micro LEDs gives its display an advantage in brightness and transparency compared to an equivalent OLED panel—which is the tech chosen by LG for its transparent panel demonstration. 

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LG showcased a massive wall of panels that simply dazzles the senses, as you'd expect from a setup the size of a house. LG's Signature OLED T transparent panel is much closer to being production ready. Unlike Samsung's showcase, which was very much a technology demonstration, LG's screen is actually going to be available this year. Pricing is yet to be determined, but I already know I cannot afford it.

Screen queens

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As the name suggests, The Signature T OLED uses transparent OLEDs, and it will be available in worldlier sizes, with 77-inch models on display. LG will include various programs designed to run when the panel is in transparent mode. That'll give you some interesting after dinner conversation.

The Signature T OLED comes with a retractable black shade which should allow it to all but match the high contrast levels we've come to expect from OLED panels. It's also a wireless display, with input signals coming via a separate transmitter box. You'll still need a cable to power it though.

We'll have to wait and see if such panels can gain traction with gamers. It remains to be seen if transparent displays can keep pace with the best conventional technology. If they can't, they'll remain niche products. But let's not forget, such displays are a long way from becoming mainstream. For context, a non-transparent Samsung 110-inch Micro LED screen will set you back a mere $150,000. What a bargain!

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