Sable still looks drop-dead gorgeous in its first extended gameplay preview

Gorgeous Mobius-inspired desert wanderer Sable still tragically doesn't have a release date. But this week, we got our first extended look at the game courtesy of a 13-minute montage from IGN.

I've been gushing over Sable's vibrant expanse for what must be years now. But until this week, there was very little to suggest how the game would actually play. This latest playthrough shows Sable emerging from a temple into a (relatively) bustling camp, chatting to the locals, and choice-based dialogue enhanced with her internal monologue.

Then, of course, we get to the best part—learning to ride your hoverbike. Far from the clean jet we've seen before, this training bike is clunky, chunky, and handles like a pig. I absolutely love it.

The rest of the trailer takes us deeper into the desert, poking through hidden temples and unlocking the ability to glide. It's hard to stress just how gorgeous Sable looks in motion—warm, often burning colours and harsh outlines with only the gentlest suggestion of shade, Sable herself animated with a staggered framerate. It truly does feel like a Mobius comic in motion.

Sable may not have a firm release date right now, but here's hoping we'll hear more soon. Xbox recently named it as one of many titles coming to Game Pass this year. Perhaps that means we'll get a firm date when Microsoft takes to the virtual E3 stage this Sunday.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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