Running low on storage? This 960GB SSD is marked down to $75 today

One of the best upgrades you can make is going from a mechanical hard drive to a solid state drive for your primary storage. You don't have to spend a fortune, either—the best SSD for gaming will depend on your criteria, and if you're looking for lots of storage at a low price, Adata's Ultimate SU630 is worth checking out.

The 960GB model is on sale at Rakuten today for just $74.79. That's the cheapest we have seen a 1TB-class SSD so far. In this case, you have to apply coupon code ADA15 at checkout (or just click the "save coupon" button in the listing), but there are no mail-in-rebate hoops to jump through.


Adata Ultimate SU630 SSD | 960GB | $74.79 (save $13.20)
This is the cheapest we have ever seen a 1TB-class SSD. At this price, you're paying just shy of $0.08 per gigabyte. Use coupon code ADA15 for the full discount. Buy at Rakuten

This drive uses quad-level cell (QLC) 3D NAND flash memory and is rated to deliver sequential reads and writes of up to 520MB/s and 450MB/s, respectively—solid speed, though not on the level of the best NVMe SSDs, of course. On this model, the endurance rating is 200 TBW (terabytes written).

Endurance and performance are a tradeoff with QLC drives—they're generally cheaper than TLC, but aren't built to last as long. One of our favorite 2.5-inch SSDs in 1TB form, Crucial's MX500, is rated for 360 TBW (equal to 197GB per day for 5 years). Still, scoring a 960GB SSD for less than $75 is a bargain is a heck of a deal.

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