Runic: Possible Torchlight MMO wouldn't have traditional design

Torchlight II launched today , and its inclusion of much-requested co-op support hints at a possible expansion into bigger multiplayer territory for Runic. CEO Max Schaefer told Rock, Paper, Shotgun that if Runic did make a Torchlight MMO, it would have an entirely new and different design.

"We definitely don't want to make a traditional MMO," Schaefer said. "We don't just want to make the standard MMO in the Torchlight universe. We want to change up the genre and put a unique stamp on it."

Although Runic's ambitions for breaking new ground in MMO-dom sound exciting, it won't act upon those ideas anytime soon. "[An entirely new, non-Torchlight project] may actually be the thing we decide we want to do next, because we might be so tired of making Torchlight that we're kind of burned out," Schaefer said, "Maybe we want to cleanse the system a little bit before we go back to Torchlight. Because, I mean, we're gonna go back to the Torchlight franchise, obviously. But we may do something else in-between."

Rock, Paper, Shotgun's full interview with Schaefer goes up soon, but you can check out more comments from Runic's co-founder in this report .

Omri Petitte

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