Runescape 3 release date announced: major MMO upgrade due end of July

Jagex have announced the release date of Runescape 3. As with 2004's Runescape 2, it's more of a major iteration to the underlying tech powering the base game, rather than a standalone sequel. This third levelling up of the free-to-play MMORPG is due to occur on July 22nd, bringing new "player-generated content" to the game, alongside an HTML5 engine upgrade.

The game's creators are calling it the biggest update in the game's 12 year history. The HTML5 support allows Jagex to drop the Java requirement, and deliver better graphics, increased draw distance and an upgraded camera to players.

In addition, this version brings the world of Gielinor into its "6th Age", which, supposedly, means the return of the gods of Runescape. That's probable bad news. Gods are notoriously bossy. As are people: Jagex want Runescape 3 to let its players directly shape the world's future, starting with the 'Battle for Lumbridge' community-focused event.

"We received fantastic praise from our passionate RuneScape community when we first revealed the development of RuneScape 3, so we're thrilled to be able to confirm the 22 July launch date for the most significant update in the game's history," said executive producer Phil Mansell. "Our pioneering use of HTML 5 technology continues to place us at the forefront of browser-based gaming innovation, and will result in a truly amazing gaming experience for players."

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Phil Savage

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